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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Nov 22, 2017

"Always head in the direction that you want to go. At the very beginning understand what you want to achieve,where you want to get to, because if you don't... you'll get lost.

And that's what Ed and I have done from the very beginning. We knew we wanted to achieve all these things - so we stuck to that, as much as everyone said "you can't do it".

So many people said you can't launch a brand new confectionary brand in the market.

We said we can, we can do this.

Think big. Dream big. Go for it."

Candy Kittens co-founders Jamie Laing and Ed Williams join me and a sold out 'live' studio audience to talk about how they built their brand - initially without even a product.

In 2012 Made in Chelsea reality TV star Jamie Laing launched Candy Kittens, an upmarket gluten free sweet range using natural colourings and flavours.

A mutual friend led to Ed joining Jamie as co-founder and since then they have gone on to be stocked everywhere from Tesco's to Top Shop. Join us for a branding masterclass to find out who they did it.