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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Jan 24, 2018

"It was selling slower than we thought, only because we were still only letting tech businesses in. So we had recruiters turn up, agencies, and we told them we couldn't accommodate them because we were focused on creating an atmosphere for tech businesses. And that was hard to do when available funds in the bank were at one point two thousand pounds and we had quite a lot of bills to pay..and that's available funds..we were deep into overdraft."

On today's show I speak to David Galsworthy, co-founder of Techspace, Europe's co-working space for tech scale-ups in London and Berlin. Tech space now has six properties in London with a community of over 1,500 people and has recently opened a new space in Berlin.

David's first forays as an entrepreneur were in the wild west of Ecuador over twenty years ago. He's now the proud co-owner of some of the best looking and best value co-working spaces i've seen. 

And with demand outstripping supply he believes we're still nowhere near saturation point. 

Tonight we're also 'live' at Thisworkspace in Bournemouth with Xero co-founder Gary Turner and the Richmond Group's James Benamor.Go to the StartUPU eventbrite page to come down and ask YOUR questions!