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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Feb 20, 2018

"For me I was just done making money for other people. I'm a good sales and marketing pro, that's what I've always done. So I was making this guy a ton of money and I was doing ok out of it, but I could have been doing a whole lot better - if i'd been focused in on doing my own thing.

So that's exactly what I did and I never looked back, ever. Ever".

On today's show I welcome back one of the most popular guests of 2017, Chris Ducker. 

Chris is a serial entrepreneur, business mentor, blogger, podcaster, and best-selling author of the book 'Virtual Freedom' and features in publications such as Forbes, Inc and Entrepreneur.

When I heard that Chris was launching a second book I put the call out to get him back on the show.

Chris's new book is entitled 'Rise of the Youpreneur': The Definitive Guide to Beocoming the Go-To Leader in Your Industry and building a Future-Proof Business.

After a decade as an entrepreneur and as an authoruty in this space, with three different companies under one umbrealla and with over 450 employees, I started by asking Chris why he decided to become an entrepreneur.

Let's Start-Up!