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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Apr 4, 2018

"I think it was the tipping point where we saw, after running the company for some years, trying to reach out to people all the time and trying to engage these people. It's quite painful and it's a lot of energy that you have to give. It's then quite the opposite, people reach out to you and they want to work with you because what you do is meaningful and you really see the difference in your company. Your days are not the same days at all, it's much more exciting because you feel you are bridging a gap and people need you and everything you do is going that much faster."

Julien Verdier is the co-founder of ad tech company, adyoulike, a global leading native in-feed platform. Launched in 2011 is is recognised as being a pioneer in native technology and creating advertising expereinces for users that mirror the websites they are visiting. 

Adyoulike operates in more than 18 countries, has over 100 employees and has received funding from a French billionaire and then through VC's. 

Julien originally started the business after quitting his job with his best friend back in 2010 and with no money they started Adyoulike. 

I caught up with Julien to find out a litle more about what Adyoulike does.

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