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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Apr 19, 2018

"That's what you've got to do as an entrepreneur. You've got to see what other people haven't seen sometimes. You won't get it right all the time but boy, when you get that punt right, it's just fantastic And it's the best feeling in the world when you can pull that off."

I welcome Kris Gumbrell, co-founder of Brewhouse & Kitchen, recently named best pub chain and best pub to work for at the Publican Awards.

Kris is a fellow Cardiffian exiled to Bournemouth like myself. His brand is a really disruptive force in the pub industry and has come in like a breath of fresh air with 19 sites in the UK, 15 in the last 2 years alone.

With 400 staff they are now the biggest brew chain in the UK and 2nd largest in Europe. With 300 different beers that are brewed onsite unique to each location, they have a brewing academy, hosted 8,000 brewing experience days and given 18,000 brewing masterclasses.

We're in the pub - let's StartUp!