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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

May 2, 2018

"We were literally in a position where we couldn't pay people for nine months. That test really shows you who's there to support you. They don't need to...they can chase down their money and decide they don't want to make your products anymore.

We were open with the team to where we were in the business. And that was the best thing really...just be open and honest and try your best to pull through it"

On today's show I welcome Suzie Walker, nutritionist and founder of The Primal Pantry. Suzie tells it like it is. This is the archetypal startup roller coaster ride.

Suzie started from her kitchen table in 2013 when looking at some healthy snacks for her two year old daughter Grace. Based on her research she'd decided to raise her on a diet free from grains, refined sugars and oils. But she was struggling to find on the go snacks that weren't full of carbohydrate or sugar. Her nutrition clients were having the same prblems, so she tried some recipes at home blending dates with nuts and coconut, and both her clients and daughter loved them. So much so, that she thought there may be a product there. Thus, The Primal Pantry was born.

She now has a global business turning over £3million and exporting to over 26 countries as well as being stocked in all the major Uk supermarkets.

Let's StartUp!