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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

May 30, 2018

I believe how you start and end your day really matters.

Since starting this show just over a year ago, I've gotten a lot of questions from listeners about what my morning routine, daily habits and routines look like.

So, I decided to record my first solo episode answering this exact question.

Between this podcast and the 'live' #screwitjustdoit events, I've interviewed well over a hundred and fifty successful entrepreneurs now.

In those interviews I've found that some of the commonalities that these successful entrepreneurs share are in their success habits, rituals and routines. I had some of my own from my health and fitness background, as well as from avidly reading everyone from Tim Ferris to Tony Robbins.

I try to take one thing away from each interview and try implementing it in my life. A lot of those success habits, rituals and routines have now become my success habits, rituals and routines.

I'm certainly not saying that what I do is perfect, but I'd like to share my learnings with you, and hope it adds some value and improves your business and personal life. 

I 100% beleive that when I'm consistent with my success habits, rituals and routines I see improvements in all aspects of my life.

And when I'm not consistent, anxiety and overwhelm kick-in.

I hope you enjoy my first solo episode.

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