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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Jun 13, 2018

It has been an insane year for Amber Venz Box. In the course of 12 months, her online-shopping app, has drummed up more traffic than Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter did in the same length of time...

A few years earlier Amber and her boyfriend now husband, Baxter Box, had revolutionized the fashion world when they figured out how to do the near impossible: easily monetize the content of fashion blogs. 

Amber Venz Box, the Co-Founder of both rewardStyle and, has created two platforms that have not only shifted our behavior as consumers but have also disrupted an entire industry.

Her idea that brewed in a coffee shop and grew in a tiny apartment has exploded into a multi-national business with 250+ employees across eight offices around the world.  

In 2011 Amber, who had just started her blog, and her boyfriend at the time (now husband) Baxter Box, co-founded RewardStyle to provide a way for bloggers to monetize their shopping referrals, similar to personal stylists.

Fast forward to today, and rewardStyle has 20,000 content creators monetizing their influence and 4,000 global retailers marketing directly to this generation’s social media shopper. RewardStyle is now the dominant source of mobile referral traffic for some of the most successful retail brands in the world. Not to mention,, the platform she co-founded in 2014 that this year alone will be responsible for $300 million in purchases by consumers from influencers.

She's done all of this whilst juggling being a mother of two children, with another due later this year. I wanted to know how she did it!

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