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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Oct 17, 2018

"I find working, doing a startup, and trying to manage a family life and keep all the balls in the air extremely difficult - and I mess up all the time. My children are incredibly patient and understanding. I'm always the mother who's not at the football match at the school, or that I get the date wrong for the cake sale. Then I get really guilty. But the good thing about working for yourself like when they have the nativity play or concerts then you do have the time to take that time out of your day and do those things. That's the advantage, even if you're working til midnight later."

Inspired by chinese medicine the Hayo'u Method offers effective methods to combat stress. Over the years as a practitioner Katie has become convinced that stress was the underlying cause of all the ailments she was diagnosing and treating herself.

A car accident put to Katie's hopes of becoming an opera singer. So she embraced Yang Sheng which is an approach to self-care to overcome complications around fertility, weight, stress, depression, fatigue which inevitably followed such a traumatic incident.

So to help others embrace the healing powers she developed Hayo'u which is a game-changing brand that's focused around one minute rituals which is based around beauty tools and products which she has designed and launched. She spends her time around Somerset, London and Asia.

I could really relate to Katie and really enjoyed speaking to Katie.

Let's StartUp!