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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Nov 21, 2018

"He and my my mum used to wear a necklace with five little charms. Each charm was a stone that represented each of us. I was a pearl and my brothers had their own stones. They used to wear it around their neck and we used to carry our own as well in a little gold chain so for me jewellry is about this special meaning, occasion, something that you carry with you, like. talisman."

Adriana creates jewellery, she's originally from Brazil, but trained in Italy - and now lives in London. She comes from an entrepreneurial background, her father and four brothers are all entrepreneurs. This is very much a story taking inspiration from travel, from everything around her. Adrian has tested everything to get to wear she is now launching her Urban Jewellry collection.

We talk about getting testing everything when starting out, and getting out from behind your laptops and meeting people if you haven't got the support of close family and friends like Adriana has.

Let's StartUp!