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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Dec 5, 2018

"When my grandparents passed away who I spent a lot of time with I'd been thinking why I didn't record their life stores which is something I had in mind but never did, and realised how quickly their stories faded. And I've had that regret for a long time and been thinking since then about solutions... and why this problem exists if a lot of people want to capture the stories of their loved ones.

Rutger Bruining's grandfather was a member of the Dutch resistance during World War II but died before Rutger had a chance to record his memories. The experience left him wondering “why we don’t capture the stories of the people we care about the most”.

Before I dive inot my interview with Rutger, I'd like to mark last week which saw us finish up our 'live' #screwitjustdoit events. Twenty plus events throughout the UK in 2018 and a massive thank you if you lived in the UK and were able to attend. Given this podcast is now listened to in 96 countries we're only scratching the surface with our events in the UK. I'd love to take these to your country in the near future. With Virgin Atlantic now sponsoring us, who knows what's possible :)

2019 events for the first quarter of the year are already up on the StartUpU Facebook page

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Rutger Bruning, a former management consultant, realized he could help people capture the stories of those we love most by using online platforms such as, which makes it easy and economical to find writers willing to take on such commissions.

“Millions of people are trying to write their own memoirs and most of them don’t finish the job,” Rutger said. “We’re offering a service: Stories of life, of love or loss, whether it’s small or big — if they’re real and well-written and the voice of the customer comes through, you create something really unique and beautiful.”

I caught up with Rutger and started by asking him more about how he came up with the idea for his business.

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