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Screw it, Just Do it

Mar 1, 2019

”Don’t take on Big Money. Because the moment you take on big money, it’s like sliding doors. Your world is determined. You’ve turned left and the options of right will never come back to you ever again. And the amount of people who have never asked themselves ‘Where do I want to be when I’m 70’...put your hands up if you’ve answered that question”

At our latest London event, we got FOUR amazing brands to tell you how they did it. Hear from entrepreneurs Holly Tucker (, Holly & Co), Merlie Calvert (Legal Tech Startup Farillio), Emily Austen (EMERGE Public Relations) and Vasiliki Petrou (Unilever Prestige Group) on how you can start to develop a brand that’s attractive to customers on little or no budget and then how to grow it to a wider audience.

Customers now want to know the story behind the business, what it stands for, and why they should care! 

You don’t need a multi-million pound budget to start building your brand. 

We've got four amazing entrepreneurs and their brands to tell you how they did it.

Let's StartUp!