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Screw it, Just Do it

Jul 6, 2019

In Episode #144 I talk about how to monetise a podcast. There's barely a day that goes by that somebody won't ask me about monetising podcasts.

A common mistake is in thinking that the only way to monetise a podcast is through sponsorship.

Another one is in thinking that you can monetise your podcast straightaway. I'm sorry to disappoint you but podcasting isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. Like any venture worth pursuing, you've got to start slow, grow your audience, provide value - then find out what they need and provide.

I believe I've identified at least TEN different ways to monetise a podcast. Take a listen to find out what I think they are, with examples of podcasters who have done it.Technology is changing so quickly there will soon be more.

If you know of any others let me know via social @alexchisnall or email