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Screw it, Just Do it

Jul 13, 2019

If you come to one live event during the rest of 2019, you need to come to this one! This is our annual get-together and I would personally love to see and meet you.

So on Episode #146 I'm talking about the launch of this October 17th's Entrepreneur Summit 2019 event at there Hilton Bournemouth in partnership with Sunny Bird PR.

We've got NINE amazing A-List speakers, plus a couple of really interesting panels we've put together too.

We're launching with Grenade founders Alan Barratt & Juliet Barratt and will be adding a new speaker each week starting next week: follow @alexchisnall on social media or go to the Screw it, Just Do It Facebook page for the latest announcements.

Early Bird Tickets are now on sale, and if you use my personal discount code of SIJDI you'll get another 10% off. Prices will never be lower than this.

If you don't know Alan & Juliet's story it's as inspirational as you can get, starting with just £27 in thebans before being acquired last year for £72 MILLION! It has been named as one of the UK's fastest-growing companies and it now has over 60 staff, and retails in more than 80 countries around the world. Grenade is now the market-leading sports performance and active nutrition brand.

They, along with our other speakers will be there to not only inspire you, but to tell you how you can implement some of the strategies that they have used to fuel this explosive growth.

Go to Entrepreneur Summit 2019 to grab your early bird ticket before prices go up.

This event is part of BOMO - a collection of 14 thought leadership conferences in Bournemouth this autumn: