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Screw it, Just Do it

Aug 3, 2019

A couple of things resonated with me this week. Chatting to ex-Dragon Piers Linney for last week's episode with Antler in London, and then listening to Tony Robbins chatting to former heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson.

Piers launched his #Startup with Piers Linney course and, among other things, we discussed why everybody isn't successful - when all of the information to succeed is already out there.

I also listened to Tony Robbins' latest podcast with former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson. It was interesting to hear Mike talk about what he was prepared to do in order to become a champion. To do what his competitors weren't prepared to do. Whilst they were running on the treadmill at 4am, he was outside in the pitch dark, running in the snow in below freezing conditions.

Simply because he knew that it was something his competitors wouldn't be doing.

We've got five months of this year left to go.

Where are you at?

Are you happy with where your business is, where you are personally, your health, your wealth, your happiness?

If yes, then that's awesome and I salute you.

If not, then I'm here to tell you that it isn't too late to accomplish your goals. Five months is plenty of time. I completed my #1 goal for 2019 back in June - to get a #1 podcast. So I'm here to tell you it can be done. 

But here's what you've got to sacrifice