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Screw it, Just Do it

Aug 14, 2019

"If you keep on trying something long enough you will figure it out. A lot of people aren't willingly to put that time in." I say to my team "Fail faster, faster, faster, faster. I want you to fail twenty times today so that we can get to the next step and figure out what to do next. Every time we fail we learn something new, and we continually whittle down the possibilities of what will work. That's not for everyone. I love it now. 

I've been making products that are first in the world, only in the world for about seven or eight years and it's super-scary in the beginning because you have no idea whether it will work at all. There's no blueprint. There's no case study on this business did it and this is what we can learn. But once you do it and you're alone in your market, it's really unique to not have a single competitor To be truly alone."

Joining me for episode #155 is Melissa Snover, the founder of Nouris3d, a maker of 3D printed personalised vitamin supplements. Now while the idea of 3D-printed food may seem in the realms of science fiction for some, the technology is very much present and already being used. Presently the tech is limited and relatively expensive. Using something called extrusion current 3D printers can only handle paste or puree ingredients like chocolate. 

However, technology is starting to gain traction with users understanding how it can meet the changing needs of customers. 

One company identifying a need for the technology is Nourish3d which has developed a system to make personalised vitamin supplements customised to the users requirements. Melissa says it combines customisation, convenience and new technology all in one hit. The sim os for people to get a faster track on optimising their health and achieving their goals.

Previous to this Melissa founded the Magic Candy Factory which enabled people to 3D print their own sweets in near limitless designs which you may have seen on Dragon's Den back in January this year.

This week I've announced another amazing speaker for this year's Entrepreneur Summit 2019 in Bournemouth - the youngest ever finalist on BBC TV's The Apprentice, Camilla Ainsworth. Since appearing on Lord Alan Sugar's show she has launched her own gourmet nut milk brand, Mylk Plus. Click the link above to join for a star-studded day-long event with Dragon's Den Star Piers Linney, Lush Founder Rowena Bird and Grenade founders Alan & Juliet Barratt.

Plus you've still got time to enter our August contest to win tickets by simply leaving a review, screen-shorting it and emailing and I'll pick two winners.

You'll get to hang out with me and my team for the day, meet the speakers, and we'll even take you out for some food and maybe shoot some content together.

No time to dive into this fascinating chat with Mel,

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