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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Aug 28, 2019

On today's show I welcome Julia Kessler and Kerstin Robinson, founders of Nix & Kix, a health-focused soft drinks brand with the added kick of cayenne pepper. I met up with them on the hottest day of the year at their London HQ, and they managed to rehydrate me with some of their delicious drinks.

Serendipity brought the two of them together when they were both at the airport moving from Germany to the UK as you'll hear during our chat.

They're now at the forefront of exciting brands reshaping the soft drinks market, ditching the sugar-fuelled excesses of the last few decades with a very definitive USP, through adding cayenne to their drinks.

To my delicate palette is is subtle, yet distinctive, and sets them apart from others in their category as cayenne helps to boost metabolism and been proven to increase endorphin levels, giving that feel good pick-me-up.

It certainly worked for me as I was most definitely flagging in the London heat!

They've come a long way from a small shop in Shoreditch in 2014 to 4,000+ outlets throughout the UK and Europe, including all the big supermarkets as well as restaurant chains such as Wagamama's and Giraffe.

This is a brand with a difference.

A FINAL reminder that our August contest ends this week - you can win an all-day ticket to October 17th's Entrepreneur Summit 2019 in Bournemouth, Uk.

You'll get to hang out with me and the team that bring you this show, plus meet our all-star line-up of speakers, and join us at the after-parties. Maybe we'll even shoot some content for the show!

Just leave a review, screenshot it, and email alex@screwitjustdoit,org before the end of August, when I'll pick a couple of winners. If you'd like to make sure of attending, just click the link to the event above to purchase a ticket, using the promo code SIJDI to get 10%.

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