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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Sep 28, 2019

Today I bring you episode #168: a show, with a difference. Now normally Saturday's are a solo episode from yours truly. A bit of background: Back at the start of the summer we hosted a live episode with Jimmy's Iced Coffee's brand new product launch - their Flat White in a can, with the whole Jimmy's crew including founders Susie Owen and Jim Cregan - plus a live audience at Urban Garden in Bournemouth.

We also ran a competition to win a mentoring session with Jim, myself, Virgin StartUp mentor Russ Taplin from Mmm thoughtful business. The winner was Jean Daniel Francois, professional chef and entrepreneur who owns the Grill Shack and Tikki Bars in both Bournemouth and London, and who this year also launched his Caribbean Magic range of sauces. He's also a husband and busy father. His passion is his cooking and serving that to his customers and getting their feedback. 

It was great to dig beneath the surface and find out what his biggest challenges were, and work through therewith Jim, who's got a decade in the food and beverage business, plus Russ, who's helped many businesses form a wide variety of sectors.

A quick note before we dive in is that we have just released a limited number of half day tickets to this years Entrepreneur Summit on October 17th in Bournemouth. Full details are here

In today's episode we discuss:

  • Productising - and bottling your USP
  • The move to plastic free
  • Family - and work/life balance

If you liked this episode, and think we should do more of them, email me or message me on social @alexchisnall everywhere except Instagram where I'm @alexanderchisnall