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Screw it, Just Do it

Oct 9, 2019

Welcome to #171 with former hedge fund entrepreneur David Yarrow  who is now one of the world's best-selling fine art photographers. His photographs can sell for upwards $100,000 and hang in the homes of actor and fellow conservationist Leonardo De Caprio and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to name but two. Indeed his latest book includes a forward by Tom Brady, whilst his previous book, Wild Encounters, sold out numerous times and featured a forward by Prince William.

But it wasn't always so.

He chose a career in finance over a career in photography, spurning a job with Getty despite taking the iconic image of Diego Maradona holding the World Cup aloft in 1986.

He eventually launched his own hedge fund before losing it all in the financial crisis - his marriage, his business. Everything.

David decided to go all-in with photography and has built an unrivalled reputation documenting the most remarkable aspects of human nature and the animal kingdom whilst exploring some of the most dangerous, remarkable environments on earth.

You may not think you've even got an interest in photography, yet I guarantee that you will have seen at least one or two of David's iconic photographs in your lifetime. From Diego Maradona holding the world cup aloft in 1986, he's now the world's best-selling wildlife photographer with images including great white sharks, lions, tigers, bears plus actresses and supermodels including Cara Delvingne, Pamela Anderson and Cindy Crawford. I caught up with David at the Maddox Gallery in Notting Hill, London, fresh from his appearance on the Piers Morgan TV show.

In this episode David and I chat about:

  • Getting out of a job that's becoming redundant
  • Research - Your unfair advantage 
  • How - Why people want to know how you do what you do..
  • Reinvention - Losing it all in the the financial crash & reinventing himself

Let's StartUp!