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Screw it, Just Do it

Oct 16, 2019

On episode #173 I welcome Brendan Kane, innovation strategist, best-selling author of One Million Followers: How I built a massive online social following in 30 days, and who for the last decade has worked on improving online strategies for Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Disney.

He's somebody therefore who's learned to optimise analytics, data and paid media to help companies achieve massive growth.

Is this someone we could all learn from?

100% YES!

When Brendan set out to achieve his one million followers he was aware that the people he worked with had the advantage of fame and influence. He wanted to see if he could use that he'd learned to build an audience for someone unknown - someone building a following from scratch.

He put it into practice and one month later had one million followers on Facebook.

He says the experience changed his life and he wrote the book to hopefully impact yours. 

Let's StartUp!