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Screw it, Just Do it

Oct 19, 2019

🔥 Lit A Fire Under My Arse🔥 ..probably the most memorable comment I’ve been tagged in after last nights Entrepreneur Summit


Listen to all the podcasts watch as many YouTube videos, read as many blogs & take as many courses as you want But you CANNOT beat attending a live event

If you’re looking to start, grow or scale your business you can’t NOT be inspired after hearing:

 LUSH’s Rowena Bird helped grow a $1Billion business

Social Chain's Hannah Anderson leverage 80 million followers on social media for the likes of Superdry

Mylkplus’s Camilla Ainsworth leverage the platform BBC Apprentice Show has given

Piers Linney about his 5 Key Business Planning Tips

Be humbled by Change PleaseFounder Cemal Ezel’s quest to solve homelessness

Be amazed at how Grenade®started a business with less than £500 & scaled it to the fastest growing sports nutrition brand in the Uk with Alan Barratt & Juliet Barratt

Beyond grateful to our sold out audience & speakers for attending & my team Russ Taplin 🇬🇧 Georgia Fearnley, & Sunny Bird PR for being legends

Now there’s a fire lit 🔥 under your ass take 1 action today to move you & your business fwd🙏🏻

Join me next at the Festival Of Enterprise in Birmingham, UK, October 23rd & 24th for FREE