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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Oct 23, 2019

"There were people there from Marks & Spencer & John Lewis. They were asking ‘how do you get people working for you?’

And Mark said ‘we’ll we take all the ones that you don’t want!

We’ll take people with piercings, facial hair, tattoos, coloured hair, whatever you like. If you’ve got the passion and you want to work with us and you’re going to enjoy what we do, then you’re very welcome”

Welcome to episode #175 with LUSH UK Co-founder Rowena Bird, recorded live at last Thursday's Entrepreneur Summit 2019 at the Hilton in Bournemouth.

This is how we opened Entrepreneur Summit 2019, myself and Rowena in front of our sold out audience for our 2nd annual summit in Bournemouth. It was difficult to pick a highlight, but this has got to be up there.

Rowena was one of six people who founded LUSH, the cruelty-free cosmetics brand 25 years ago in Poole, Dorset - the town in which I now call my home.

Lush was set-up after the demise of the six partners previous business, Cosmetics To Go.

They started with just one shop on Poole High Street, and have grown to over 900 worldwide, and a turnover of over $1 Billion.

This, is my chat with Rowena Bird.

We talk about:

  • All Are Welcome Always
  • Be Curious 
  • Autonomy

Let's StartUp!