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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Oct 26, 2019

I'm surprised that I've never talked about this in #175 episodes of Screw It, Just Do It, but I don't think I ever have.

I wanted to put it out there to firstly, help anyone else who's feeling that they're on the verge of burning out, and secondly, to put measures in place to ensure it doesn't happen again.

So, the end of 2019 is in sight and we're all trying to finish the year strong, smash the goals we set out at the end of 2018. Plus we've also got an eye on 2020 and planning for next years success.

So there's a lot to take in, and if you're not careful you'll be on the edge of burning out and not accomplishing either.

This past week to ten days has probably been the craziest time this year. I was launching new podcasts for clients in London, hosting my annual summit in Bournemouth, then a few days later speaking at the Nec for the first time in Birmingham. All whilst trying to produce two episodes of this show as well as meet with potential new clients for my new podcast agency, and liaise with potential new guests for the podcast.

So, I hope this episode reassures you that you're not along in feeling on the edge of burning out, and gives you some of the tools to prevent it happening again.

And if you'd like to know what I've taken form speaking to some of the most successful entrepreneurs on this planet, then listen to #072 Success Habits, Rituals & Routines here