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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Sep 13, 2017

"No-one at school had ever given me the attention and, needless to say, it was pretty miserable. I didn't enjoy school and I didn't enjoy being a teenager because of it...when you feel worthless when you're going to school just being that bad...its an awful feeling."

I speak to Doug McMaster about how he dropped out of school at 16, overcoming both undiagnosed dyslexia and a lack of education to begin a food pilgrimage that culminated in him launching Silo in Brighton: Britain's first zero waste restaurant rated the third coolest place to eat in the UK by The Times.

But before that I speak to The Snaffling Pig's Nick Coleman, winner of Virgin's Foodpreneur 2017, celebrating the UK's best new food and drink business.

Back in 2010 Nick founded Medical Supermarket with his business partner Udhi Silva. Udhi then bet Nick that to see if they could set up another business for just £500.

They eventually started The Snaffling Pig in 2014 with just the £500 selling premium pork scratching snacks in a variety of different flavours. With co-founder Andy Allen now onboard within two years they were turning over £1 million, had appeared on ITV's This Morning with an advent calendar and have now secured investment from Moonpig's Nick Jenkins on the BBC TV's Dragon's Den.