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Screw It, Just Do It

Mar 7, 2020

Welcome to episode 214, #AskAlexAnything.

On the first Saturday of every month I answer any of your questions. It can be on absolutely everything - entrepreneurship, business, personal stuff, health and fitness stuff, podcasting.

Last month I received the following questions:

1) "When you're thinking about moving into a new job, starting a new business full time. What would your process of transitioning out of another full time job be?"

2) "If you are committing to putting out two episodes a week of your content, be that podcast, vlog, blog and you manage to get into a featured section on that platform and you start to build a loyal following. How quickly do you think you can get to 1000 downloads or views per episode?"

3) "I've written a list of guests to interview, but I worry that I will run out if I am niche of niche. I've only managed to create a list of about 20 guests."

Let me know if you have any questions for next month's Ask Alex Anything. One of my most favourite things that I do is trying to help people, just because I might have been there, done it, failed at it.  If not, I'll know someone most definitely who has.