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Screw it, Just Do it

Mar 11, 2020

In this weeks episode, I welcome Rob Moore, The Disruptive Entrepreneur

"One of the ways to reach as many people as possible is to leverage all the media. One of the ways to really help people is give them consistent content. And if you give them consistent content, you're likely to build your following and your fan base. It was all always about trickle down. It's never about monetizing uprights and no ads on YouTube videos and no interruptions and breaks for ads, it was always about I give you content and maybe later down the line you'll find my books, my podcasts, my audiobooks, my courses, my mentorship, my masterminds, who knows. And that was an effective strategy and that's made me tens of millions of pounds doing that without having to directly pitch."

In episode #215 we chat about:

Podcasts - how to monetize yours.

Mental health - the effects of haters on social media.

Content marketing and how it's changing.

Playing the bigger game. How playing the smaller game only leads to more pain.

Let's StartUp!