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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Aug 26, 2020

Welcome to the trailer for Episode #264 with Geordie Wardman, from OneStop DevShop.

During this episode, Geordie and I will talk about his experiences on jumping off an airplane to put out forest fires and how now, he has several tech based companies and manages to still ski 100 days a year while managing all of his businesses. We talked about a bunch of different things:

  • how having a mentor is a must if you're starting to be an entrepreneur
  • how the foundation of building a business is starting with being creative with either a skill or a product
  • when you're starting, it's a good advice to start with freelancers to mitigate the risk
  • how important to diversify your business so that you have a fall back plan in case something happen that is out of your control

Some useful links:

  • Listen to Geordie's podcast, Big Break Software Podcast, here
  • Listen to #Screwitjustdoit 250th episode with Oliver Cookson here
  • Check out the Bonjoro website for video messages here