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Screw It Just Do It

Apr 24, 2021

Welcome to Saturday Solo Episode #333. During this episode, I talk about the Top 20 Tips to Launch a Top Ten Podcast. When I started the Screw It, Just Do It podcast 4 years ago, I didn't know all of these. I just learned through navigating and experiencing it. Here's some highlights from this episode: - If you haven't done anything yet, always remember Screw it, Just do it - Each episode should provide some sort of teachable aspect to whoever is listening - Initially build your network manually. Start messaging people. A top 10 podcast only needs a couple of 100 people to get you in that list In partnership with Pure Sport CBD. Relieve. Relax. Perform. CBD For Active Lifestyles. Use the code 'justdoit20' to get 20% off on your purchase. Learn more about the contents discussed in this episode: - Connect with me via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. - Udemy Course on Clubhouse.