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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Jan 18, 2023

Al Barratt is the Founder and CEO of Grenade, the fastest-growing sports performance and weight management brand in the world. Barrat and his wife founded the company in 2010 with only £27 in their bank account. Barratt is the epitome of a self-made businessman and he is enthusiastic about health and fitness. The brand is bold, brash, and explosive, from its award-winning Carb Killa protein bars and supplement packages to energy drinks and fitness apparel. Mondelez purchased Grenade for £200 million in 2021, and Barratt remains CEO of Grenade as a result of the acquisition.
In this episode, Barratt shared how the pandemic has affected their product distributions and how to take the positive out of the current situation. Join us as the Founder of Grenade will share his explosive journey and learn from the best!