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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Feb 22, 2023

Josh Carney is a Fortune 500 Marketing Executive, serial entrepreneur, and former national fantasy sports radio analyst.
Josh is the Founder & CEO of Stunt, a revolutionary new sports platform for fans and sports professionals to create & monetize content, connect with other fans, and build a community. He is a Multi 2-Comma Club Award Winner at ClickFunnels, a music maker, concert pianist, former drummer, and a future golfer. What else can Josh do?
Josh aimed to bridge the gaps he observed in the sports industry regarding the accessibility of content and the discourse surrounding sporting events. In today's episode, I am delighted to interview Josh and he discussed how he creates, keeps, and builds momentum, how content creators monetize their content today, what is the long-term vision of his platform, how can you outwork someone who might have the same idea with yours, and the importance of getting influencers and celebrities involved in marketing.
Find out more about Josh Carney via LinkedIn, Twitter, & Website.