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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Jan 9, 2019

"At the time that I realised PlanSnap was the thing that I wanted to do  - to build the fastest way to get friends together it's very hard if you're tachnically-minded but not from a technical background to find a technical partner to bring on to the team. I realised that was going to be a struggle, and raising investment was going to be a struggle. Not least because women get less than 2% of Venture Capital worldwide. But also because I wasn't ex-Google or something. I knew I could do it, but I still had to prove it to other people."

Welcome to Episode #103 with Louise Doherty, founder and CEO of PlanSnap - an app that lets you make social plans with friends in a snap.

Some entrepreneurs decide to #Screwitjustdoit, quit their jobs and start a business in an instant.

For Louise it took eight years from the moment she knew that she wanted to run her own tech startup, to her finally quitting her job to launch her social planning app, PlanSnap. Louise cites a lack of role models and funding are two of the biggest things stopping women from starting their own businesses, but coming from a family of encouraging small business owners was a massive plus as well as her first employer pledging to back any company she started!

So Louise quit her job, got accepted to Techstars, raised investment and put her team together to realise her vision and build PlanSnap.

In this episode Louise and I discuss:

  • Getting sales before investment
  • The power of ambassadors and influencers
  • Finding a technical co-founder

Let's StartUp!