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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Jul 12, 2017

"Work hard..any idea that you have can be come a reality just by sharing it and getting people inspired". Conker Spirit are at the forefront of the Gin Revolution. Founder Rupert Holloway talk us through his journey from self confessed "miserable surveyor" to happy head conkerer. Rupert has taken Conker Spirit from a one band foraging, distilling and marketing to building a team with his best friend and getting their gin stocked everywhere from farm shops to Fortnum and Masons. 

Also on this episode I speak to David Humston, Virgin StartUp's youngest entrepreneur when at just 18, Virgin StartUp funded Viewpoint Videos who create personal action videos for extreme sports for customers of experience days. David talks about the challenges a young entrepreneur faces in being taken seriously and how he has used Virgin StartUp funding to grow his business to the point where one of his videos with a multiple world record holder received millions of downloads on Youtube.

Here are their stories