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Screw it, Just Do it

Aug 13, 2019

"So I started to look at the way the technology could be used in a really important and meaningful value add. I looked at what in thee world should really be personalised that's not right now. It really struck me that our medicine and our nutrition isn't personalised and in effect the T-Short you're wearing is more personalised than the medicine that you take and the food that you eat. You get to choose a colour, a cut, male and female, age and size with your clothes. But with your medicine and you food you get to choose basically are you an adult or a child. If anything should be personalised, it should be those things.

When it doesn't work you're depressed and I understand because I've been through it. But you know what it makes me feel? It makes me feel good because it makes me know that anyone trying to come behind us will struggle, and will probably give up. We'll we're not going to give up. So if it was really easy to what we do I would feel more frightened. 

In this week's episode Melissa Snover, founder of Nourish3d, a food tech company that's looking to disrupt the supplement industry by 3D printing personalised vitamins.

We discuss:

  • Failing fast
  • Being unafraid of your competition
  • Determining who has the highest need for your product/service

Join us on Wednesday 14th for the full episode.