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Screw it, Just Do it

Oct 1, 2019

"If you're going to scale a company you're probably going to be in charge of, if it goes well, a few hundred people at least. Are you prepared to do that, are you prepared to hire people, to fire people. So think long and hard about the different constructs you need to make a company work. It's very, very different to when you're building a company. You need a very different skillset to build an map product and get it to the market and hustle, fight, do everything you can and get that first sale. To then scaling the company. They're very, very different. "

Welcome to the trailer for episode #169 with OurPath Co-Founder Chris Edson. OurPath are tackling one of the biggest health issues in the world today, that of obesity, which has been called by the NHS in the UK, the 'New Smoking'.

Join us on Wednesday for the full episode when I chat to Chris about:

  • Testing, testing, and ...testing
  • Investment - and choosing what's the right option for you
  • The difference between going and scaling a company