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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Nov 30, 2020

Welcome to the trailer for Episode #292: Leaving a Legacy, with Rowena Bird, one of the six people who founded LUSH, the cruelty-free cosmetics brand in Poole. Dorset. They started with just one shop on Poole High Street, and have grown to over 900 stores worldwide and a turnover of $1 Billion.

In this Wednesday's episode, we will be talking about:
- Listening to the needs of your customer and creating a product/business that can solve this is the foundation of a successful business.
- Never rush into making something huge. Take time to plan it step by step.
- Keep looking forward but don't forget to look back to for some lessons learned and reflection.
- Start small. Get feedback from your customers. And grow organically.
- It's important to have retail and online line specially in the pandemic situation at the moment
- Working as team makes the visions come true. Each member has a different set of skills and passion and coming together working on a common goal.

Join us on Wednesday for the full episode.