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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Sep 20, 2021

Welcome to the trailer for Episode #376: Overcoming Challenges & Embracing Opportunity, Jeannette Linfoot, a self-motivated, commercially astute, CEO with a proven track record in property investment, strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions and operational delivery in a global environment.
In this Wednesday's episode, Jeannette and I will be talking about what it means to be a leader specially in global scenarios like this COVID-19 pandemic and how technology changes the business gameplay today.
Here's some highlights:
  • As a leader, you have to have resilience and a sense of calm. You can't bring panic to the whole team. 
  • Indecisions kill a business. As a leader, you have to have a clear action plan and make a decision.
  • Protocols on different market scenarios should be in place. Do a dry run, test the process, document the procedure and continually improve the protocols.
Join us on Wednesday for the full episode.