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Screw It, Just Do It

Jul 9, 2019

"Headspace-wise I feel a lot healthier this year in a mental way. I've put all my focus on Camp Bestival plus I've got a record label, I'm doing a podcast, DJ'ing and a dad of four and all that stuff. It's all a juggling act, but in terms of Camp Bestival we've given it 100% of our headspace and our ideas, and the line-up.

I really feel like this year we would have delivered. All we need is sunshine and a lovely crowd - and we'll be away."

Welcome to the trailer for Episode #145 which will be released on Wednesday, July 10th.

Also look out for the launch of our October 17th day-long event called Reaching Millions: The Screw it, Just Do it Way. Our Facebook page will have the latest news with a limited number of early-bird tickets being released, along with a select number of our eight speakers.

I welcome Rob Da Bank, Co-Founder of Camp Bestival, Common People and Bestival festivals, legendary DJ.

We talk:

  • The importance of having a strong brand
  • Balancing how to work with your partner
  • Scaling your workforce
  • Expanding too quickly
  • The changing face of promotion
  • Podcasts, and Rob's 'A to Z of festivals'

Make sure to listen from July 10th!