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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Sep 27, 2017

" Here's thirty day's recipes...breakfast, lunch, dinner. Buy this food, follow this food...and do you know what? People just wouldn't bloody do it! Well...if I did it for you would you do it? Well of course they said yes - I just didn't want my clients to fail."

Award-winning businesswoman Barbara Cox founded Nutrichef from her kitchen table in 2004 before selling it eleven years later in 2015. Barbara grew Nutrichef from a local to a national operation providing healthy, nutritious meals delivered direct to your door before it became popular.

Since then she has worked with a number of lifestyle brands as well as bringing out her own recipe book, Rainbow Recipes.

I also speak to Sam Lehane and Diana Muendo from M.Y.O, an art gym for your creative muscles. M.Y.O is an arts and crafts startup for adults where M.Y.O stands for Make Your Own.