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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Oct 25, 2017

"I have so many different passions: fitness, fashion and food - the three "F's" - plus music of course. So it was a natural progression once I came off the get into fashion and release my own clothing line. And as soon as the W8 Gym came along... it's funny how timing works out, as when Nick approached me I was actually thinking of venturing into fitness. So as soon as I saw the product I just jumped on it..quite literally. This is what I was looking for. This was amazing.

You may know Fleur East from the X-Factor, from her Top 3 album, her number one single 'Sax' ...but what you may not know is that she is a female entrepreneur and business woman with her own clothing brand on Lipsy.

Now Fleur is related to Nick Meaney..who's related to Clive Payne..who first came up with the idea that became W8 Gym.

Having first met me at Jim Cregan's 'Jimmys Iced Coffee' HQ for the first Virgin StartUp meetup outside London eighteen months ago, they are now fuelled with a Virgin StartUp loan.

Clive developed the prototype, Nick travelled to China to source suppliers and many iterations later, Fleur designed the final product and filmed all the exercises that W8 Gym allows you to do.

Releasing W8 Gym on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo on October 24th, I got all three of them in the studio to hear the full story.