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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Jan 27, 2018

"We've just brought out a documentary with two fighters from the area we're from south London, he's got a fight coming up in two weeks time at the O2. We filmed a documentary about him two years ago and we never released it. Its almost like we had the eye to see that he was going to be successful one day..We literally completed it this week."

On this week's show I welcome Josh, Patrick and Jerry, otherwise known as JPJ Media, a young London startup founded by three cousins.

Since pooling their skills and resources back in 2016 they applied and received a Virgin StartUp loan and launched JPJ Media. In just 18 months they have already worked with London Fashion Week, MTV, Nike, Boo Hoo, the Saatchi Awards Gallery and the Mobo Awards.

I found out with the three of them to find out how they have got to work with such an amazing client list.