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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Jan 31, 2018

" A lot of people within the industry, friends, family and wider, thought we were just crazy.

So we were going to launch a business with 14 people, we weren't going to have any call centres, we weren't going to have any shops, we were going to be online only, and our members will do all the stuff, like get more members to join, will help with member queries...

And people just didn't think it could work."

On today's show I welcome Tom Rainsford, co-founder and brand director of telecommunications disruptor Giff Gaff.

As one of the original founders Tom started with the simple idea of 'making mobile better'. They are the David among Goliath's in mobile-land, they have members, not customers, and don't tie them down with lengthy contracts.

They were Uswitch's 2017 network of the year,  and just had one of their video's voted in Youtube's Top 10 video's for 2017. Tom and I talk about how they were able to compete in such a competitive market, how their members drive the business for them and how they even paid their members over £11 million for their services..let's startup!