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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Feb 14, 2018

"Our target consumer is 18-40 year olds who are beginning to read more and more about what they're eating and drinking. And maybe they're tired of what's happening in politics with fake news and alternative facts and not knowing what is true anymore.

We have that strong tone of voice and what we're seeing is people get that and feel that. They're reading about nutrition and becoming fans of what we do and the movement we're trying to be a part of."

I speak to Hugh Thomas, Co-founder of Ugly Drinks, a range of fruit flavoured sparkling waters with no sugar, sweeter, calories and no artificial ingredients. 

Hugh and co-founder Joe Benn launched Ugly as a response to a soft drinks industry that they felt was overly sweetened and frustrated by the deceptive branding of many of them. Now many think sugary and sweetened drinks cause many of the issues associated with diabetes and obesity. Hugh and Joe decided to do something about it and create a healthy, affordable and fun alternative with Ugly Drinks where the beauty is all on the inside."

Let's startup.