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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Oct 9, 2018

"The initial feedback we got from people was that it was worth us exploring. So we got started, and I guess at each stage there were sufficiently encouraging signs that it was worth carrying on. So we quit our jobs, put in our savings and went out to try and raise money to enable us to start marketing and to start building a team. And it went from there."

How do you fit a Christmas tree through a letterbox? It might sound like a bad cracker joke, or the premise for a festive TV film. But it’s the real life problem of Aron Gelbard, founder of Bloom & Wild, a startup that arranges flowers in boxes to be delivered through the standard UK letterbox.

Since launching in 2013, Bloom & Wild has mastered letterbox flowers. They have tried a letterbox orchid plant, which turned out to be less popular. In 2016 they trialled letterbox wreaths that came in two semi-circles and they sold a few hundred, then they hit on Christmas trees which have proven hugely popular. “We’re always coming up with new ideas with what we can fit through letterboxes. Aron credits Bloom & Wild’s success to this stream of new ideas. 

Bloom & Wild has just been named the second fastest growing business in the UK, after Deliveroo, by Deloitte. The company has attracted more than £7m in funding and expanded into Germany, France and Ireland over the last year. And when your father and both grandfathers were entrepreneurs there was really only going to be one path for Aron to take.

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