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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Nov 7, 2018

"I was doing a paperbound and I thought it was a mug's game. So I cut the local newsagent out of the equation. No-one was delivering papers on a Sunday so my dad said "you go and get my paper I don't want to get out of bed, i'll give you 50p". My neighbour said the same and I eventually built a paper round that made four times as much on Sunday than I had made on the whole weeks work. That was my first introduction to business and finding a niche, monetising it in a very small way - and hard work."

Piers Linney is an entrepreneur and investor who has experience across a whole range of different sectors focusing on technology, telecommunications as well as health, fitness and well-being. He's also the non-executive director of the British Business Bank and he's also a trustee for Nesta, the £450 million innovation fund. He's also been recognised in the Top 100 most influential black Britons, Entrepreneur of the year and sat on the cabinet office SMe panel and the board of TechUK.

Piers is now using his experience to help businesses #scaleup and grow. I co-hosted a 'live' roundtable SME forum with Virgin Atlantic at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce with a host of local businesses who were all looking to scale-up. We were there to provide advice around growing and scaling a business. I thought getting this advice from Piers would be invaluable to you.

We also put together the competition of competitions..

Win TWO return tickets with Virgin Atlantic Delta Air Lines from Manchester Airport PLUS a one-to-one mentoring session with Piers Linney?
All you need to do is:
Get a ticket to my next #screwitjustdoit event on November 27th in #manchester here
Ask Piers a question on social using the hashtag #AskPiers based around 'Scaling Your StartUp' here on LinkedIn
Alternatively you can find him on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook
Piers will pick the best question in Manchester on November 27th.
And remember - you don't have to take him with you 
This competition would suit a startup/scaleup/sme that is thinking strongly about growing their business overseas and could do with both the free flights and the mentoring from someone who's scaled a business north of £40m
And with only 100 people allowed to this exclusive event you stand a pretty good chance of winning!
So, grab a ticket here

Let's StartUp!