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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Jan 16, 2019

" Probably one of the greatest pleasures that I get is taking my mum and dad and walking down a supermarket aisle and seeing my dad's face when he see's a picture of his father and his father's name on a shelf in a supermarket. That is a massive plus and a massive pleasure for me. And to think that I made this happen."

On today's show I welcome Paul Turner - butcher turned brand building entrepreneur.  Paul comes from a really traditional business - a butchers that was his grandfathers that was passed on to his father and then on to his brothers and himself. 

Paul decided that he wanted to develop a product range which he has turned into a nationwide business with Alf Turner prodcuts in every supermarket nationwide. How did he do this? He managed to get on to Dragons Den and he pitched to the Dragons, wanting to get Peter Jones - and getting Peter Jones's support and investment. And to think Paul didn't even have a mobile phone before he went into the den!

In the true bootlegging spirit of entrepreneurship Paul handles all of the marketing of the business himself although he acknowledges that the day will come when he has to get help.

Paul has embraced lots of partnerships from Help for Heroes to Iron Maiden.

On this week's show we talk about:

  1. The importance of storytelling - not selling
  2. Saying yes to opportunity
  3. Ambassadors & collaborations

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