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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Feb 15, 2019

"It was really tough times we faced. We were in for a hundred. Run out of money. No banks were loaning. No sponsors were getting onboard. Everyone shut up shop. So, what's the last thing to do. Re-mortgage the house. Which wasn't a good idea at the time. But is a good idea now. Thank god. It ended up costing us £300k to put on. So if no-one turned up on the first day we lost the house. As simple as that."

Welcome to episode #109 of Screwitjustdoit - a special bonus episode recorded at our first live event of 2019 in Bournemouth. I brought together six entrepreneurs and asked them what it took to build their knockout brands. 

Joining me and our sold out studio audience were Bournemouth 7's Roger Woodall, whom you heard in the opening, Orchard Pig's Andrew Quinlan, Statzy's Lucy Whittington, The Training Room's Jonathan Davies, The Pistachio Club's Claire Fielder & Inkshed Design Studio's Becks Neale.

They join me for a panel discussion on what it takes to build a brand, leaning on their experiences of building and exiting a number of 8 figure businesses and going from startup to scaleup.

They tell how you can start to develop a brand that’s attractive to customers on little or no budget and then grow it to a wider audience. This is pure gold dust no matter what stage of the entrepreneurial journey you're on.

Let's StartUp!