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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Apr 24, 2019

"Instagram's actually terrible at connecting people in the offline world. And, it really is a photo contest. It doesn't really matter how knowledgable you are or how qualified you are as long as you're taking nice pictures, that's how you're going to grow your influence, and so we're basically saying "look this is total BS", on myCrew, we're championing people of influence versus "influencers". We're saying, on myCrew, you're going to build the real influence and the more you do, the more sessions you host, the more people you attract and the more sign-ups you get, and actually, people showing up, the more prominent and influence you're going to get on our platform. And that's a pretty powerful sale for the people we want to attract."

On today's show, I welcome Greg Drach, Co-Founder of the world's first social platform for fitness, myCrew. 

myCrew was created by the brains behind the world's largest social running club, Midnight Runners, and global internet phenomenon Dubsmash. Having witnessed both the transformative power of social running and technology's ability to connect and unite, Greg, along with Christian Dörffer and Daniel Taschik, decided to bring something different to the fitness scene.

Now, the app, which is available from both Apple and GooglePlay stores initially launched in London with 5,000 active users. With myCrew, you'll select your city (with new ones being added regularly) and immediately have access to locally-hosted runs, workouts and more. Once you sign up for an activity, you can chat with those attending, organise the details and get ready to move.

Greg's now based in Venice Beach in the States and he told me how he believes in the power of running to motivate, to connect and inspire people. 

On today's show, the two of us talk about:

  • Accountability
  • Reinventing your Social Circle
  • Where to connect with like-minded people online
  • How to build influence

However, we start up with Greg telling me how he came up with the idea for myCrew.