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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Jun 21, 2019

On June 20th we celebrated a bunch of things: two years of this podcast, three years of live events, plus a brand new product launch courtesy of Jimmy's Iced Coffee: a Flat White in a can. And a beautiful looking can it was too.

It seemed apt to be joined by Jimmy's founders Jim Cregan and Suzie Owen. They did, after all, host our first ever live event back in 2016 at their HQ in Christchurch.

We were hosted by a previous guest of the show, Mark Cribb, owner of his own awesome podcast, Humans of Hospitality, at his equally awesome brand new restaurant, Urban Garden, bang in the centre of Bournemouth.

This was definitely the most fun I've had making an episode of the show. We had Jimmy's founders Jim Cregan and Suzie Owen in front of a live, receptive audience who were the first to try Jimmy's new flat white.

If you haven't heard Jim and Suzie's story before, go back to episode #004 and have a listen to how they got started.

They are now nine years into the journey so in this episode we cover:

  • Brand evolution
  • Product innovation
  • Scaling your team
  • International expansion
  • Competition
  • Exit strategy

This was one funny and enjoyable evening. Welcome to Jimmy's Iced Coffee: Live and Unplugged.