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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Aug 31, 2019

Welcome to episode #160 of Screw It, Just Do It.

In today's solo episode I give you my 11 networking tips for entrepreneurs who HATE networking!

I also chat to Adriano Travaglia from the European Startup Festival which takes place in Malmo, Sweden between September 20-21st. This is an annual event which takes place in a different European city each year and one which is close to my heart - as I'll be speaking at it.

September is upon us and we've still got one third of 2019 to go. A lot can still be accomplished in this time. But if you're looking to make the most of this time then you need to put yourself out of your comfort zone. September is a great time to review when you are and go again, hopefully refreshed after a summer break. Half the country seemed to be away this summer, so I for one am really looking forward to September.

The greatest benefits come when you put yourself out of your comfort zone, so make sure to get out from behind your laptop and invest in yourself with what we have left this year.

Attending a live event is a great place to get a dose of inspiration and a massive helping of education. It's also a great place to build your network and meet like-minded people. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely occupation.

A lot of us aren't natural networkers, myself included, but I've yet to go to an event and not met someone who has helped move me and my business forward.

I therefore put together my 11 top networking tips for entrepreneurs who hate networking.

If you've got anymore drop me a message via LinkedIn