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Screw It Just Do It with Alex Chisnall

Jul 25, 2020

Welcome to Saturday's Solo Episode.

In this week's episode, I want to talk about How to Amplify your Brand with Podcasting.

  • The different strategies on how to leverage the technology for podcasting for your brand
  • The importance of documenting the journey of your business and as an entrepreneur
  • How to attract new audience to your brand using podcast
  • Why now is the best time to get into podcasting


Helpful links:

  • Check out my new project, the Inner Circle Mentorship Program, to help you launch your podcast, whether you already have one or just thinking about starting one. Visit the Podpreneur website and Facebook group for more information.
  • I've been doing live webinars every day of every week with Festival of Enterprises. Check out their website for upcoming schedules.